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Air Freeze Refrigeration, a well-established family business with years of experience, service all residential customers as well as commercial clients.  Air Freeze not only has the required knowledge of refrigeration technology and the correct way to apply it but also has a complete knowledge of customers’ products. This knowledge has been gained over years of industry experience.

With the help of basic design data, such as climate conditions, product data, quantities, desired temperatures and problem analysis, the optimum ‘made to measure’ installation are designed to fully meet customer requirements. Dependability and maximum performance are important in design of each installation, while key characteristics such as optimal quality of the product, low energy consumption, ease of service and maintenance, safety and low noise levels are regarded as normal features.

Air Freeze Refrigeration confidently conduct installation, diagnosing faults and repairs as well as maintenance of refrigeration equipment, offering 24 hours, 365 days a year breakdown service with customer focus and are aware of the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry.

Air Freeze Refrigeration provides installation, maintenance and repairs of the following equipment and many more:

  • Coolrooms, Freezer rooms
  • Domestic Fridge & Freezers
  • Commercial refrigeration, Display Fridge & Freezers
  • Beer (Glycol) systems, Industrial Glycol System
  • Icemakers, Tube Crushers
  • Blast chillers (blast freezers), Custom Made Chillers
  • Refrigeration control systems
  • Commercial refrigeration compressors
  • Multi-compressor refrigeration systems
  • Refrigerated Trucks and Containers
  • Milk Vats
  • Industrial Air Dryers
  • Upright 2 door Fridge & Freezers
  • Commercial Small Refrigeration Appliances


Air Freeze Refrigeration’s Customised Preventative Maintenance service is unique to the industry. The Maintenance Service Agreement keeps your system in tip-top shape, and helps prevent unwanted service calls. A Preventative Maintenance service agreement from Air Freeze, will save you money and assure uninterrupted all year round comfort. Each plan is customised to suit your specific system and unique service needs.